Our Approach to ESG

Clifford Capital Holdings (CCH) recognises the need to consider the potential environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and impacts from the activities of the borrowers from our operating companies (OpCos) namely:  Clifford Capital Pte. Ltd. and Bayfront Infrastructure Management. As part of this process, the OpCos also work with borrowers to seek improved ESG practices to address the identified risks and impacts, to the extent practicable. Hence, all transactions are screened by the OpCos as part of the transaction lifecycle.  Each OpCo has its own process, specific to each OpCo.

The objectives of our ESG Frameworks and Policies are to provide a methodical basis on which we can:

  • Integrate ESG considerations into the review of transactions, to consistently and effectively identify ESG risks, impacts and opportunities in transactions;
  • Articulate our approach to managing and mitigating ESG risks, impacts and opportunities;
  • Work with clients, projects and co-financiers to continuously seek improved ESG practices; and
  • Set out the responsibilities for ESG risk and impact identification, assessment, decision-making, as well as monitoring and escalation.

Our ESG Frameworks and Policies contain the following major components:

E&S Impact Assessment Governance Risk Assessment E&S Impact Assessment
  • Clifford Capital Pte Ltd Environmental & Social Framework
  • CCPL Exclusion List
  • CCH Governance Risk Assessment Policy
  • Climate Risk Taxonomy
    • Transition Risk score
    • Physical Risk score
  • Portfolio Emissions Intensity target
  • Bayfront Infrastructure Management Environmental and Social Framework
  • Bayfront Exclusion List

Our ESG Frameworks and Policies also require screening of transactions against an Exclusion List for each OpCo.

The Group’s approach is to actively engage with our clients and borrowers to ensure that the ESG impact of a given transaction has been carefully considered and where necessary, ensure that the transaction adopts and implements an ESG risk mitigation/action plan, where possible.

Climate-related Financial Disclosure

CCH recognises the significance of identifying and assessing climate-related risks and opportunities facing our businesses. As part of our efforts towards enhancing transparency on our climate-related strategy, CCH has adopted the recommendations issued by Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) and continuously works to enhance our practices and disclosures as well as those of our OpCos.

FY2022 TCFD Report

Grievance Mechanism

At Clifford Capital Holdings, we are committed to ensure that the companies or projects financed by our operating companies Clifford Capital and Bayfront Infrastructure Management are undertaken with due consideration to Environmental and Social (E&S) risks and concerns.

As part of this commitment, Clifford Capital Holdings has in place a Grievance Mechanism aimed at providing a forum for those adversely affected by projects that we finance to voice their E&S concerns. Any E&S-related complaints or concerns relating to companies or projects that are financed by our operating companies may be submitted through the following channels:

  • local_phone
    Call us at +65 6229 2900 during our operating hours
    (9am – 6pm Singapore time)
  • mail
  • drafts
    By Post
    Post a letter to the following address:
    #23-01, North Tower, One Raffles Quay, Singapore 048583
Click here to find out the information required and process for lodging grievances